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What happened When Karan, Kajol and Ajay Were Together?

Everyone is aware of the ugly fight between Kajol and Karan Johar. It was one of the biggest friendships of Bollywood that turned sour because of Kajol’s husband Ajay Devgan. From accusations to betraying trust, this 25-year-old friendship is no more. Karan doesn’t even bother too much about Kajol, as he once said it doesn’t matter now that Kajol is out of his life.

They were last seen together yesterday evening at an award show; all were expecting them to at least have a word with each other. However, it would have been strange and weird going by their body language, if they had a word with each other. Their personal managers made sure that they should not bump into each other during their entry and exit.

Sources revealed that organizers of the show were already informed about their different timings and their sitting arrangements. While Kajol was sitting with Ajay in a corner of the banquet hall, Karan was sitting at the extreme opposite of Kajol.

Needless to say that considering so much pains taken by people, they both made sure not to interact with each other. This is the reason why not even a single photographer was able to click Karan and Kajol in a single frame.

The matter is that Karan and Kajol had no issues with each other. Ajay had some issues with Karan, which is why they don’t talk now. About the issue, only these three are aware and no one else knows about what exactly went wrong. Karan feels that if Kajol wants to support her husband over his 25 years of friendship, it’s completely her choice and he is no one to interfere.

Karan also said that he could not see Kajol in his life even in future, so there is no need to talk anymore about Kajol and their friendship.

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