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Tridha Choudhary: Nobody Forces Casting Couch on Someone

Tridha is an Indian film actress, who is famous in the Bengali and Telugu film industry. In the year 2013, she made her debut in small screen opposite Harshad Arora through Dehleez, which was very successful.

After Dehleez, the beautiful actress got a lot of offers from television industry, but she preferred to work with Vikram Bhatt in the web series Spotlight. Spotlight is directed by a very experienced director by the name of Suhail Tatari.

The story line of Spotlight revolves around how an aspiring actress struggles to become a superstar and her journey on the way towards a successful life. At the same time, it is also about her relationship with a married superstar.

Through Spotlight, the dark side of casting couch has been shown. While talking to media, Tridha, who is playing the role of Sana, opened up and said that when she heard about casting couch for the first time, she was surprised to know that it still happens.

She added, “We hear rumours, stories of acts of violence, casting couch and get goosebumps. We think if this world exists.

Tridha shared her feelings by saying that she was really impressed by Sana’s character and how she managed to grow from a simple side actress to a superstar. At the same time, people around her too moved towards progression. Spotlight conveys a message to the society about love, good times and one’s curiosity to achieve their dreams.

When she was asked about Spotlight’s comparison with Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie Heroine, she said it was not the same. The only similarity was that both the subjects were portraying the life of an actor. It tells us that life never goes in the same phase, while Spotlight is mainly focused on how love comes in different forms and how one adapts it.

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