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Let’s Check Out What Is Sushant Singh Rajput’s Book All About

Let’s Check Out What Is Sushant Singh Rajput’s Book All About

Nowadays, Sushant is quite busy about his schedule. He recently confirmed that he will not be the part of RAW that is Romeo Akbar Walter. As he still has Chanda Mama Door Ke (CMDK), Drive and Kedarnath in a line. However, he is quite busy with his schedule but is reportedly all set to turn into an author.

The M.S. Dhoni actor is known for his random musings which he often uses to pens down as posts on social media. Among his fans, was a publishing house that apparently moved towards him to report all his provocative ‘self thoughts’ into a book.

Sushant Singh Rajput accentuates that the book is neither a biography nor a self-help guide. In an interaction, Sushant said, “I was on my way back home from the gym one day when I wrote, ‘There are only three things in the world – atoms, spaces between atoms and opinions. Yours and mine, not right and wrong…’ It was just something I was pondering over and there was no underlying meaning. So when I was asked to put together thousands of thoughts that I had written over the years, I decided it would be best to title it, A Book About Nothing.”

The actor has recently visited NASA for his upcoming movie, Chanda Mama Door Ke. He is much interested in science. He has penned down his thoughts on logical speculations which also include Darwin’s theory of development which he is expected to include in his book. He said, “The thoughts may not be connected and the pages can be read in any order, and it would still be thought-provoking.”



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