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SS Rajamouli ‘Regrets’ Talking About Sridevi On Public Platform

SS Rajamouli ‘regrets’ talking about Sridevi on public platform

Filmmaker SS Rajamouli, who in an earlier interview, said he was ‘lucky’ that Sridevi refused to be a part of ‘Baahubali’ franchise, now regrets having made that statement.

After the monumental success of ‘Baahubali 2’, Sridevi refusing to do Sivagami’s character became a hot topic of discussion again. Rumours had it that the veteran actress had made huge starry demands of Rs 10 crore as remuneration, an entire hotel floor to herself and more. This was followed by Rajamouli’s remark, which definitely irked Sridevi.

“First of all, I can’t believe he (Rajamouli) would talk like that. Secondly, I am not the kind to make any kind of demands. Whatever happened with ‘Baahubali’ is in the past. Why are we talking about it now? There are so many roles that I’ve turned down in the past. I think it’s highly impolite to talk about the films you don’t do,” she responded back, through an interview.

Rajamouli, who claims to have huge respect for the actress, says he shouldn’t have discussed about her on a public platform.

“As for whose version to believe, I guess it is for people to decide. But one thing is for sure. I shouldn’t have discussed the details on a public platform. That’s a mistake. And I regret it,” he told DNA, during an interview.

Wonder what Sridevi has to say to this!

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