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Rishi Kapoor Not Happy with Jagga Jasoos Director Anurag Basu

We all know that Ranbir Kapoor’s last release Jagga Jasoos didn’t do well at the box office. The audience also offered mixed reviews for the movie.

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor was not at all satisfied with the film and in an interview he slammed the directo,r Anurag Basu, for his poor directing skills. In addition to that, he said that Neetu (Ranbir’s mom) and he saw the movie on Thursday, a day ahead of Jagga Jasoos’ release and was quite unhappy with the whole script.

He said, “Till Wednesday, Anurag was busy mixing the film while music composer Pritam finished his work only a week before the release date. This shows they are not serious about the job and on top of that Mr. Basu doesn’t like to take anybody’s opinion for his films.”

He also said, “These modern day filmmakers are least bothered about their responsibilities. They don’t reveal or show their films before the final editing and do not seek an opinion from the experienced directors. It seems like they are on the way of making nuclear bomb.”

According to him, Jagga Jasoos was an average film but it would have been better if the script had been reduced by 20 minutes instead of dragging the scenes.

Rishi Kapoor is so upset with Anurag Basu that he supported Ekta Kapoor’s act by saying, “She did a good job by throwing him out of her project and the same thing had happened with Mr. Basu while working for the movie, Kites in the year 2010.  

Jagga Jasoos got delayed in the release date also. The movie was supposed to release three times over a period of two years, which is a bad sign of time management and this too infuriated Rishi Kapoor.

On the trailer launch of Bhoomi, the media asked Ranbir’s opinion on his father’s comments, he said, “My dad is an emotional man and his statements are just to protect me. AS far as Jagga Jassos is concerned, it is not a failure at all, I have learnt a lot out of it.”

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