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Priyanka Chopra Takes Selfie and Chills at Marine Drive

Priyanka Chopra is spending some quality time at Mumbai. Yes, the international sensation is here at India and making sure that each moment is fun for her. In fact everybody was surprised to know that PC chilled at Marine drive with her besties and that too without drawing attention of the common public.

It is a known fact that PC manages her busy schedule quite efficiently and she came to India specially for celebrating Ganesh Utsav PC is here at India. It is really not that easy to go unnoticed at a place like Marine drive, we should appreciate PC and her gang for this act.

According to the source, it was a late night plan and the whole gang which includes Bollywood writer Mushtaq Shiekh, PC’s best friend Tamanna Dutt and PC herself decided to take a chill pill out of their busy lives. They had also named this plan as The Khufiyan (Secret) Mission and finally the mission was successfully executed.

PC’s gang had planned to hang out all night as we know that Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. So they first visited the Lalbaug Cha Raja Ganesh pandal, which is one of the most famous pandals of Mumbai and then they headed towards their main plan which was taking a selfie at Marine drive.

According to the source, Priyanka took advantage of the midnight and wisely used her dupatta to cover her face thus her mission was accomplished and she was able to spend some special moments of her life like common people.

After spending an hour she left the venue along with her gang as she was not escorted by any security personnels. Anyway she did a fantastic job altogether at marine drive and no one even noticed.

We wish her all the best and stay tuned to know more about Bollywood celebs.

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