Poster Boys: An Embarrassing Comedy drama by Deols and Shreyas Talpade


It was a time when Sunny Deol used to be the hard-hit Hero of Bollywood. His punchy dialogues still have place in the hearts of his hardcore fans. But ‘Poster Boys’ hasn’t got anything to be seen and more of ‘Postering’.

The film turned out to be an ‘Embarrassing Entertainment’, starring Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpade. We just can’t imagine Sunny Deol doing films like this.

Three men who live in the same village find themselves being confronted by snarling to be in-laws, wives, and other relatives because, you know, they (the men) no longer have their family jewels. Soon they realize that they are the victims of the system, which landed them in the confusing mess in the first place.


Sunny Deol has acted as a selfie-obsessed middle-aged fellow who is busy saving his sister’s ‘rishta’ from crumbling. Bobby Deol plays a forgetful school teacher who wanders around look dazed. Shreyas Talpade, keeps himself occupied by flirting with his girlfriend and hanging out with two pals. Sonali Kulkarni, has played the role of the simpering wife of Sunny Deol.

To create comedy out of a supposed impairment of the male nether regions requires skills of a high degree. Despite Sunny ‘paa ji’ daring to bare, hawwji, Poster Boys is a poster for a film which does nothing. ‘Na ji’. So, ultimately, this film fails to impress the audience.

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