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No Drinking And Smoking Scenes In SPYder Not Even The Disclaimer

No Drinking And Smoking Scenes In SPYder Not Even The Disclaimer

Before we enjoy any movie in the theaters we come across a disclaimer which suggests ‘Smoking Kills’. Previously, we find Mukesh and now it’s Rahul Dravid. Not matter whichever movie you watch in the theaters the anti-smoking disclaimers are the mandatory part of every movie. Even if it a family entertainer, we find the villain puffing away tobacco just to frame it as a sinful act.

The filmmaker AR Murugadoss has now decided to take the anti-drinking and anti-smoking stance to a higher level. He has decided to steer clear of any smoking and drinking scene in his upcoming spy thriller movie SPYder. The movie is starring Mahesh Babu in the lead role.

According to the reports, SPYder movie will have no smoking and drinking scenes, neither for Mahesh Babu nor antagonist SJ Suryah. This is the reason why the makers of this film are trying to get rid of this mandatory yet unnecessary anti-smoking disclaimers in the beginning of every movie.

According to the reports, the Hindi dubbed version of the movie SPYder has got the permission to delete the disclaimer, the Tamil and Telugu versions are likely to follow the same.

But to let you know, not only the above-mentioned reason explains why the disclaimer is deleted there is another very interesting reason too and that is, as per the reports, we will find Suryah sipping green tea instead of any alcoholic content. However, we aren’t sure how menacing Suryah will appear while enjoying the green tea (healthy drink). But what we know is that it should add a quirk to his character.

Also, we find many health benefits of green tea but we are not sure if emoting correctly is one of them. The movie is produced by NV Prasad and Tagore Madhu’s NVR Cinema and is also starring Bharath, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, Rakul Preet Singh, RJ Balaji and Shaji Chen. The movie is decided to release this Dussehra that is on, September 27.

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