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List Of Flop Bollywood Movies Which Hit Back The Box Office In Coping Hollywood

List Of Flop Bollywood Movies Which Hit Back The Box Office In Coping Hollywood

With the increase in people’s demand plagiarism is reaching its heights. Nowadays, it is preferred in every field no matter whether it is some sort of article or song or even movies. Well, we can find a list of Bollywood movies which is being copied from the Hollywood movie’s content. Also, we can find some movies which are based on novels and are already read by people but they still wish to see them as real.

Plagiarism is not a wrong thing as each one of us present in this world needs an inspiration from one or other source so that we can proceed for excellence. But is Bollywood trying to take the same from Hollywood or just trying to copy someone? Well, this act of copying has sometimes provided great and successful results while sometimes has just shown a backfire at the box office.

Well, here is a list of such Bollywood failures which can make you feel doubtful. Check out these posters:


1. We all know the presence of Harry Potter but do we know Aabra Ka Dabra from Bollywood?


Harry Potter and Aabra Ka Dabra
Aabra Ka Daabra was actually the copied version of Harry Potter which was released in the year 2004. Almost the story was similar and we can say that only the character’s faces were swapped. Their smart work or labor or can just say copy work went in vain. As the movie managed to score only 2.6/10  in IMDb ratings. Also, it failed to entertain people thus now is counted among the biggest Bollywood failures.


2. The love story of Superman and Spider “Woman”


 The love story of Superman and Spider “Woman”
When Hollywood didn’t try to match up these two superheroes then Bollywood showed the courage to make a love tune between these two. And guess what Superman himself is not satisfied with this deadly combination and as a result, the movie comes up with a huge Bollywood failures.


3. Even the Horror Stories are copied


Chaser and Phoonk
Phook was that horror movie of Bollywood which contain no horrifying features. Even the posters can give an idea about how different these movies are from each other. Also, one can easily make a guess that which among them was the better one.  


4. Let’s not forget to add Mallika to the list


Hiss and King Arthur
“Hiss” was again the Bollywood movie which failed to rock the box office. But the poster was truly dazzling. And to move on with the prevailing fact this poster was also a copy from Hollywood.


5. Wedding Bells


My best friend's wedding and Mere yaar ki Shaadi hai
Let’s just forget about the concept, it seems that the director and the producer team don’t even bother about changing the movie’s title. All we can say that they just managed to translate the Hollywood’s English version to the Bollywood Hindi version. Seriously!!  


6. What can you say about this?
Titanic and Mausam
So what can you say about the Bollywood movie “Mausam” starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor? Well, looking at the poster one can recognize that it was the copy of “Titanic” the famous romantic movie. Unfortunately, this too failed to entertain its viewers and thus a new name was inserted in the count of failure Bollywood movie.


7. And how can we forget the movie “Ra.One”
Batman and Ra.One
It’s been said that it was the movie’s poster which provokes people’s excitement to watch this movie. But how would you react when you get to know that it was copied from the Hollywood movie which we all know as Batman?


8. OMG!! What a copy cat!!


Phantom and Homefront
Well, Phantom was among those movies which allowed people to think but when we come to its poster. God!! Seriously? The makers put their efforts in vain by copying it from a well-known video game, named as “Homefront”.


9. And when we come to the love stories
Dhaai akshar prem ke and A walk in the clouds
This movie is well known by everyone because of starring the real life Bollywood couple, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This movie at that time didn’t show a good review from its viewers. But you can watch the original version which was “A walk in the clouds” released in 1995.


10. Let’s not forget our Villains


Let’s not forget our Villains
I guess every one of us knows about Heath Ledger, the famous villain of Hollywood. Well, Bollywood also tried to copy the same for the famous CID show which again resulted in the failure. And it is quite visible why thus become another one to add up to the failures count.

Well, it would be good if you start utilizing your mind while copying something as we already know that copying is also an art which has to be done efficiently. No doubt, Bollywood has flourished us with lots of amazing movies but the above are some of the results which have given a lot of disappointment thus showing us the importance of the original version.

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