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Let’s Take a Moment To Acknowledge That Baadshah Was An Awesome Movie  

If you were attracted towards this article, then it ensures that you are a ‘90s kid.


And if by chance you are not 90’s kid and still reading this, then you should appreciate yourself that you now probably know that what a gold mine was the ‘90s decade.


Bollywood was considered all time high during this decade. There were various movies being made.


Baadshah was the fantastic movie that somehow never got its due. No matter if you haven’t seen this movie in the theaters but I bet that if you are grown up watching Zee Cinema and Star Gold, then you must have seen this movie.

Further, this movie gave Shahrukh Khan a nickname, Baadshah. I wonder why this movie couldn’t rock the box-office.

I said so because this movie had everything which can make it a blockbuster.

You can find a typical romance, the favorite Bollywood actors with the confusingly similar name. Superhit songs, jokes for the right situation.



Baadshah’s sidekicks made me wish to grow up and become a private detective. I mean, who wouldn’t wonder to have a wonderful office like him, right?

Before the era of Munnabhai turning a hospital into fun zone, Baadshah and his gang had already been doing the same. They turned the walls around, switched beds, flip the boards and then at some time you can find Baadshah’s Detective Agency turning into Dr. Rustom’s Eye Clinic. You remember, right?


And do you remember Dr. Rustom’s advice of fitting a bakre ki aankh and ullu ki aankh to restore Baadshah’s (SRK’s) eyesight?

And guess what, this wasn’t even the beginning.

Like Munnabhai MBBS wasn’t the first movie to feature a makeshift hospital, Om Shanti Om wasn’t the first movie to feature Shahrukh’s abs. It was Baadshah.

Do you remember this song?



It is quite simple, why to lift when you can stick?

If we talk about the movie, it broadened our imaginations. And this all is said keeping those gadgets in mind. I wonder how I wasted multiple toffees by chewing it and throwing it, with the hope that it would blast. Also, I believed that chhipkali joote can help me walk on the walls. And those X-ray glasses was also fascinating.

Despite the better advancements of today’s world, I couldn’t find any gadgets that could match up with Baadshah.

Baadshah’s songs which he use to sing out of dog fear, his absurd theory of falling in love which involved throwing of walnut at the mirror and above all are the best things I haven’t ever seen in any movie.

I guess we all would love to be friends with Baadshah. Though he was crazy and his gang was crazier. But they never leave each other in their bad times. Remember the sunglasses with cards print which Johnny Lever wore just to confuse Razak Khan?

Soon the situation changed and this light-hearted chaos had to turn into a national level chaos and Baadshah was in the middle of it. He has to save a child and then the CM. The movie had two Baadshahs and two Bachchis. Though we know that SRK will win but we couldn’t guess how.

And then the second half of the movie unfolds in a fascinating manner. And the note which SRK wrote with the rose stem over a carbon paper. It was just genius.

The ending part showed a kid wearing a bomb jacket and his gang was fighting with the Chief and his men’s. It was just thrilling.



And finally, we came across a happy ending of the movie.

Today, when I talk people about the movie, they have stories to tell and lots of memories attached.  

Well, I’m the who have seen this movie again and again and fallen deeper in love with Baadshah.

So What Do You Think?

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