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Irfan and Saba Create Magic With their Movie “Hindi Medium”

After ‘Hindi Medium’, we are all convinced that there is nothing that Irfan Khan can’t do! Saba Qamar, well she is a pure gem and hats off the person who found this beauty. However, it is rather sad that because of the political myopia, we will not get to see much of Saba in our films.

Getting back to the movie- Hindi Medium, what do you think is yardstick of coolness factor in India? The answer has got to be Angrezi. If you are a person who enjoys Hindi songs, let’s say a Pritam number over Rihanna or Beyonce and if you are unaware of Coldplay, then bad news for you buddy, you are just NOT fit to be in a plush-nightclub. Yeah! The angrezi is how you will be defined and judged here. For those of you who can relate to this, then ‘Hindi Medium’ will strike a chord.

The script is crisply written and has a subtle humor that was portrayed perfectly on-screen by Irrfan and Saba. This is how the movie goes- Raj (Irfan) has a perky business right in the heart of- Chandni Chowk, his voti, Mithu (Saba) wants to amp-up their lifestyle. So, they move out to a posh locality and all this was done just to get their daughter into an esteemed English medium school. The family is seen struggling trying to balance their life between what they want to portray themselves and what they really are. After being rejected by a number of schools, they decide to apply via a gareeb quota (by posing as a family with low income). Amidst all this, the child is seen having identity crisis. On the whole, the movie is beautifully written and excellently portrayed as well. It will make a good weekend watch.

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