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Ileana D’cruz Became A Victim Of Misbehavior By Some Male Fans

Ilena D’cruz Became A Victim Of Misbehaviour By Some Male Fans

Beautiful, Bold and Bindas… This is how we all have seen Ileana D’cruz every time. But recently something made this Baadshaho actress feel annoying and she took help of Twitter to express her anger on the same. She was busy in promoting her upcoming film and buzz for Baadshaho was seems to be good. But in her recent Tweet, she mentioned her ugly experience of being a celebrity.  

Ileana, recently became a victim of misbehavior by some male fans about which she lashed out through Twitter posts, which has gone viral within no time. This disturbed actress shared 2 Tweets. The first one read as, “It’s a pretty shitty world we live in. I’m a public figure. I understand that I don’t have the luxury of a private & an anonymous life.(1/2).” Then continuing the matter in her next Tweet she mentioned, “But that doesn’t give any man the right to misbehave with me. Don’t confuse “fan antics” with that. I am a WOMAN at the end of the day. (2/2).”

Varun Dhawan the star of Judwaa 2 re-tweeted Ilena’s posts lending his support for the actress. Though she didn’t reveal much about what made her Tweet like this, she shared the shocking details of the incident in an interview with Mumbai Mirror. She said the incident took place when she was stuck in the traffic while she was on to a Fashion Show venue in Mumbai.

The Baadshaho actress said, “They started banging against the window, pressing themselves against the car, one of them even lying down on the top of the bonnet and laughing. I’ve been eve teased when I was younger, but I didn’t expect guys to misbehave to this level at this age.” Adding she said, “They followed my car even after the signal turned green. It was like a power trip for them.”

Let’s see how she lashed out in her Tweet:

Ileana said she didn’t step out of her car as she was without any bodyguard and had only the chauffeur for her company. She said, “They could have beaten him up and I wouldn’t have been able to stop them. So the only thing my chauffeur could do was honk while I ignored their antics.”

“I don’t even know who they are. May be I’ll handle the situation differently if, God forbid, it happens again, but this time, I played safe.”

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And this wasn’t the first time that we heard of such cases when female celebrities were misbehaved by male fans. In the past, Deepika, Sonakshi and Kareena too have mentioned about being harassed.

Here are other celebs who spoke about their traumatic past –

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