I Just Found Out What Ranveer Singh’s Screen Saver Is & I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Ranveer Singh, you make my heart ting. Everything he does, somehow becomes a trend and the man has rocked almost a decade in the industry just by being himself. Be it his style, his charisma or his ‘best boyfriend ever’ tag, you can’t help but fall for every shade of Ranveer. Of course, with acting talent to match, there’s no stopping him from taking over the world, one film at a time. He’s also gone on record to say how much of a narcissist he is and a revelation by one of his friends just goes on the prove the same.

ranveersingh-shark-compressed (1)

AIB’s Tanmay Bhatt, in a recent interview to Devansh Patel, revealed what Ranveer’s screen saver was the first time he met him.

He said:

“I keep making fun of Ranveer even now. The first time I met Ranveer, Ranveer’s laptop screen saver was Ranveer Singh. It was Ranveer topless in a towel. I was like ‘kya self obsessed hai yaar ye’ (laughs).”

Lol! Can’t you totally imagine Ranveer spending some time of his day just staring at his own screen-saver? I wonder if he’s changed it now and his new screen saver is Deepika Padukone. That’d be the cutest!

Watch Tanmay talk about it here (2:00-2:10)

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