Know How Trailers Evolved From ‘Trailers’ To ‘Previews’! The Answer Lies In The History Of Film Industry


The word ‘trailer’ might not serve anything serious to you to think over, but have you ever wondered why it is called Trailer, when it is released much before the actual release of the film?

The word literal meaning is something that adheres something else but in case of movies we observe a different case, here, the film is adhering the trailers, not the trailers are adhering them. Then why this contradiction?

The answer to the questions lies in less noticed facts of movie’s history!

In fact initially trailers were shown after the movie portraying how film was made an all but audience didn’t use to pay much attention to it , so the film’s curators change their agendas on trailer and started releasing it before the films to create curiosity among viewers.

However the journey isn’t that short.

The first ever trailer was released in November 1913 by Nils Granlund, the advertising manager of America’s Marcus Loew theater chain. The trailer was shown for the musical play ‘ The Pleasure  Seekers’.  Nils this act was described as an entirely unique and  new stunt that revitalize film industry for ever.

In the beginning movie trailers were also used to be somewhat fake, showing the actors who were in cameo role as lead performers or showing some scenes which weren’t in the actual movie or were cut during the final editing. This  could be misleading for the audiences and had also created aggregations among them. Once an American woman even took legal actions on the makers of the film Drive alleging that the film’s plot is not in relevance with its trailer.


But nowadays, trailer are inevitable for films advertising and promotions. They are usually 2-3 minutes long and crafted by the makers to create  positive preconceptions among the viewers regarding the film. They are released to make viewers anticipating or guessing about the actual plot of the film. The more a trailer get success in creating buzz about it, the higher the probability of the film to reach larger audience.

This in fact can build or break the numbers of seats filled in the movie’s first weekend. However other factors that also help in promotions are movie reviews, actor-actress promotional stunts but you can’t ignore the significance of trailers.

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