Have you ever wondered how much does Shera make by safeguarding Salman Khan?

Salman Khan is that one actor who’s known for helping out the needy and also picking out talents and bringing to the industry’s profit. For his good deeds, he’s worshiped by many, and one of which happens to be his bodyguard Shera. His real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly and he belongs to a Sikh family. Shera has been working for Salman for the past 20 years.

As news has it, Salman Khan has put international pop-star Justin Bieber’s security responsibilities on Shera since Justin is in town for his Purpose Tour. Before working for Salman, Shera used to guard celebrities who visit India.

Shera has earlier mentioned one of the incidents that had happened with Salman. Salman’s car was badly caught in a crowd when all of Salman’s fans had gathered to see him. It was then when Shera got out and cleared his way by running in front of the car for 8 kilometers.

Woah! It sure is a difficult task to be guarding the superstar!

But have you ever wondered how much does Shera charge for this job? If we go by the reports, Shera is given a whooping amount of Rs 15 lakh per month to guard Salman, which calculates to Rs 2 crore per year.

Well, his job definitely is tedious enough and Salman makes sure that he pays well for it!

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