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Deepika’s Classmate Reveals How She was During College Days! Said, ‘She used to keep Bunking Classes’

A question on Quora “How is Deepika Padukone as a Person in Real Life?has aroused the interest of her followers. An anonymous user, claiming to be Deepika’s classmate from their days at Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru, has finally decided to spill the beans from their college days of the Bollywood’s Mastani.

Read what he wrote here:

“She was my classmate at Mount Carmel College for 6 months before she moved to Bombay for OSO. She used to keep bunking classes due to her professional commitments- badminton and modelling. I think she lost a lot of attendance because of that and that’s why decided to leave college…But on the days that she used to visit college — she would come straight from the baddy court at Padukone Academy that’s down the road- she would be sweaty and still in her track pants. This is quite a big deal because MCC is like a fashion capital in Bangalore and all the girls are always dressed to the nines- a lot of them used to wear 4-5 inch heels as well, and this super model would be in black trackpants with jacket and zero make-up, her hair in a braid or a ponytail.

I once stood behind her in a queue to pay fees and I literally couldn’t see anything in front of me — she is that tall!

I always felt she was quiet and well-mannered. Sitting in the last bench, not very studious, but a sweet girl.

That doesn’t mean she didn’t have fun! She had a lot of male attention, but then all MCC girls got a lot of male attention- guys would flock outside the gates of the college…”

The Quora user mentioned clearly that the beautiful Bollywood diva had to bunk classes due to her commitments to modelling and badminton.

Deepika is now the most in-demand actress in Bollywood. Recently, Forbes just placed the actress 6th in the list of highest-paid stars (both actors and actresses) of Bollywood. She has won million of hearts with her poise and perfection and is making heads turn in Hollywood as well.

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