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checkout what Manu & Manveer Did To Cheer Up Om Swami

Swami ji is well known for his melodramas never ceases to end. This man manages to be in the lime light with his cunning ways or by some other ways which results in hilarious sequence. Tonight the swami ji is going to steal the show with his antics, tonight Om Swami throws a tantrum and declines to eat food because his dear beti, Priyanka Jagga is upset with him.

Swami ji  melodramas

Last night when priyanka and manu Punjabi re-entered the house, the latter told him he is a “ganda aadmi” because of everything she overheard him saying through the secret room. She also accused him of hypocrisy and game planning. Swami ji is hurt because he still considers Priyanka to be his “beti“. Therefore, he refuses to eat food.

Manu and Manveer, in order to cheer him up and make him eat, borrow his clothes and dress up like him. Swami ji is very flattered by the gesture and it immediately uplifts his mood.

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