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Bigg Boss 10 Day 5: Contestant PEES in pants in OPEN; Makes VJ Bani WASH her dirty clothes!

History repeats at BB10 on Day 5 but this is the first time the event of urinating in public has occured inside the house in the very first week of the show.

Indiawalle Contestant Priyanka Jagga pees in her pants during a task that required her along with 3 others to sit on the rocking toy horse and keep drinking water until they give up.

Bigg Boss 10

Commoners Priyanka and Navin Prakash were pitted againt Celebrity contestants Gaurav Chopraa and VJ Bani.

The team of the winner of this task would’ve become the ‘Maliks’ of the house and this was a chance given to commoners who broke the rule by cooking food a day ago.

Bigg Boss 10

Priyanka played tough until last whereas Bani was the one to quit first along with Navin.

Continuous water intake afterall troubled the last two contenders Gaurav and Priyanka too but the latter finally peed in her pants sitting right there.

Bigg Boss 10

During this task, Priyanka and Bani indulged in an arguement and Bani even warned Priyanka to watch her words at one point.

Bigg Boss 10

After Gaurav gives in and Priyanka was declared winner, she commands Bani to was her same dirty clothes she urinated in.

Bani did that too!

Priyanka’s task reminded us of Priya Malik from Season 9 who had peed in a bottle sitting inside the car in presence of Prince Narula, Rishabh Sinha, Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai during a task. She had won it. Kishwer also did it the next morning, although everyone was asleep.

However, Priyanka making Bani clean her urine-soiled clothes and then winking at others while doing so, actually made her a loser!


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