Anita Aka Saumya From “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai” Opened Up On Shilpa Controversy!!!

Angoori aka Shilpa Shinde has left the popular sitcom ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ due to some issues with producer and makers of the show. The matter grew when Shilpa put allegations on the producer and revealed shocking things as to what all she goes through on the set. However, the producer has different views with regard to the matter. And for the first time, the other Bhabiji from BGPH (‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’), i.e., Anita aka Saumya Tandon at last spoke about the whole controversy.




This is how Saumya reacted over Shilpa’s allegations, “It came as a surprise for all of us. Shilpa never discussed her problems with us. All we knew that she stopped coming for the shoot. There is no question of harassment or torture on the sets. We all come, work, pack-up on time and the facilities are also good here. She never spoke to us about any of her problems.We had nothing to do with matter. I don’t understand why our name was dragged into the entire controversy.”




She further said, “I feel when an actor signs a contract or they are hired, they should abide by the terms and conditions. One can’t just randomly stop coming for the shoot. There is always a procedure to leave the show. I don’t think one should stop coming for their shoots at once.”




On being provided with a special and favored treatment, this is what Saumya maintained, “At the beginning of the show when I signed the contract, I had made it clear to the producers that I will manage my own designer and make-up. The producers were very sweet and very gracefully they agreed to this condition. This is also mentioned in my contract. From that day onwards my costume and make-up was my responsibility. Post signing the contract the producers never bothered if I wore a Rs 2 costume or a Sabyasachi designer wear. It became my headache. I had made this very clear before coming on board for the show. So the question of preferential treatment does not arise. It was always mentioned in my contract. This was the only thing I asked for from my producers. Post this I haven’t demanded anything from the producers.”



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