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Anando Brahma Movie Review: A Horror-Comedy Genre

Anando Brahma Movie Review: A Horror-Comedy Genre

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Vennela Kishore, Srinivas Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, Thagubothu Ramesh

Director: Mahi V Raghav

Rating: 3.25/5


I guess we all have seen enough Telugu horror comedies, isn’t? And till date, everyone can guess what’s exactly going to happen next, after a certain period of time. But hey… how can we forget that it’s a Telugu movie and we all need a melodramatic flashback which will justify the presence of ghosts? And then we come to know about a character or characters who died why and how? However, according to ghostland law, the spirit cannot have any emotional baggage before entering the gates of Paradise. And as expected evil spirit or ghost has to fulfill her (as most of the time we find a female ghost) unfulfilled desire before the inevitable happy ending.

Mahi V Raghav directed this movie keeping in mind the horror-comedy genre. He tried to present something different. For this, he made the humans more powerful than the ghost. He has an idea why humans should be afraid of ghosts as they don’t even have a body. Why a 21g of soul no matter how evil it is, will be more scary than a 70 kg human body? And keeping these ideas as a base of the story he continued the story.

Anando Brahma Movie
As per the expectation, the movie should revolve around Taapsee Pannu but here this is not the situation though her character accelerates a series of incidents and come up with more panache to the proceeding. The movie revolved around an ancestral property which is haunted by 4 innocent ghosts. Their role is played by Tapsee Pannu, Vijaya Chandar, and two other supporting actors. And the interesting part is that they don’t know how and why they died? And when Taapsee realizes that she is no longer alive she decided to stay in the house so that she can prevent it from getting sold until she finds what happened to her foster mother also finds out why isn’t she dead like other family members. The action in the movie is based on 4 characters who are in the urgent need of money for different reasons. As a result, they are left with no choice and decided to spend few days in the haunted house. And the rest of the story is what happens when they face a ghost.

And now I should say it would be a crime to reveal more on this as the main aim is to provoke you to watch the movie to know how different characters behave when they face a ghost.

The movie belongs to two of its lead characters played by Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar. Shakalaka Shankar, in particular, is exceptionally entertaining the scenes where he imitates celebs like KA Paul, Chiranjeevi and also Baba Ramdev. And Vennela Kishore on the other side continues to be the Mr. Dependable as per comedy is concerned. Thagubothu Ramesh and Srinivas Reddy play their roles to the T and others are apt in their parts. And to let you know Taapsee play a minor role and she does it very well.

In the second half of the movie the best-written dialogue, scenarios, and not to forget the emotional backstory is revealed. Mahi V Raghav with no doubt gives a solid impression that he understands comedy and much more genre is to be tapped. With a new concept, Mahi V Raghav will rock the box-office.

He has tried his best to provide us what he promised with those promos. The backstory is explained in detail why the 4 choose to stay in that house.

Lastly, I can say that this movie is going to remind us of those bedtime stories which our grandparents used to tell. Thank God, this time there is a movie which doesn’t suffer from horror-comedy fatigue.

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