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15 Hillarious Pics Of Bollywood From The Era Of 80s!!!

15 Hillarious Pics Of Bollywood

15 Hillarious Pics Of Bollywood From The Era Of 80s

B-town has evidenced golden era during 90’s, on the other hand, 70’s is remembered for its disco era. But what about the 80’s? though it doesn’t seem anything concrete to assemble with the 80s and so, many of us giggle on its freakish style.

Not agree with us? Ok! Let the photographs below, convince you. Have a look.

1.When Jeetendra found Sridevi too heavy to lift her up.

2. A weird remake of Superman by Govinda and Kimi katkar. Superman had to have a tough competition, though!!

3. Hmmm..! not only Govinda, Amitabh Bachchan also got influenced with Superman but seems that he was too busy in photography.

4.When Jeetendra, for a fraction of seconds dared to forget his wife presence.

5. When Dharmendra couldn’t decide whether it’s too hot for trousers or too cool for sweaters.

6. I think not even ‘Fevicol ka jor’ is as strong as this one!

7. I think Kimi Katkar is endorsing Lady Finger.

8. When Vinod Khanna offered a voyage to Sridevi on his Racing bike.

9. When Bollywood also started taking inspirations from Egyptians Mummies. Lol!

10. When Amrish Puri braids got messed up during a jungle safari.

11.  When Mithun Chakraborty was playing the role of Rapunzel.

12. When Mithun understood that having a quality time together is actually a better idea than going on a mission.

13. The photogenic Jaya Bachchan was in search of a prop, it could be a cabbage as well!

14. When Mithun already launched Deadpool’s Costume back in the 80s.

15. When Suresh Oberoi became the heartthrob follower of reggae.

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